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The exchange of a large group of modern paintings between Xeir York and 
Philadelphia is an item of unique importance. To New Yorkers the fame of 
the combined Gallatin and Arensberg Collections is well-known. In turn, 
the riches of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection in Xew York have long 
been a lure for Philadelphians, pointed up especially in recent months by the 
added interest of the new installation in the Frank Lloyd Wright museum. 
While the distance between the two museums is a bare two hours there are 
obviously many people in both cities who cannot sacrifice even that short 
time to travel back and forth. The admirable purpose of this exchange is 
therefore to overcome this impediment and one is tempted to add that in 
both cases the mountain is thus "brought to Mohammed." 

The collection of A. E. Gallatin came to Philadelphia in 1943. Gallatin had 
long been a collector of books and paintings, but it was during the Twenties 
and Thirties that he concentrated on the School of Paris which today forms 
the main strength of his collection. He went every year to Europe spending 
many months in Paris, where he assiduously combed the galleries on both 
banks of the Seine and soon became intimate with the most creative minds 
in painting and sculpture. Be went often to the artists' studios and being an 
amateur photographer made a series of incisive portraits of all the leading 

Albert Eugene, or Eugene as he was called by his friends, was also a painter 
in his own right. He was thus possessed of an "eye'" which, added to his 
exquisite taste and complete abhorrence of the second-rate, admirably fitted 
him to be the gentleman collector par excellence. While never forced to 
starve in a garret, he was not in any sense a Maecenas, it is true that he and 
some of his New York friends were dubbed "The Park Avenue Cubists" but 
this was said with respect and admiration. He bought at low prices because 
he had the wisdom and imagination to gauge the future, liven so the purchase 
of his two large paintings, the Three Musicians of Picasso and Leger's La 
Vllle, was done at considerable sacrifice, but it was not long before he was 
rewarded bg both acquisitions becoming "news" in art annals. 

When Gallatin's collection grew too large for his apartment he lent it to 
Xew York University where it was known as The Gallery of Living Art. 
Eventually realizing that the ever-growing collection should be more per- 
manently housed, he studied the suggestion of Fiske Kimball that it be given 
to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Although strictly a Xew Yorker, Gallatin 
had been born on Philadelphia's Main Line at Villanova. While not perhaps 
exactly harking back to a log cabin, Albert Eugene thought it most appro- 
priate that he should remember his birthplace and it was thus that the 
collection arrived in Philadelphia in 1943. The transition and installation 
fortunately occurred during his lifetime, so that he had the satisfaction of 
seeing the ultimate disposal of his favorite objects while the museum bene- 
fited greatly by his knowledge and ever self-effacing suggestions. 

The formation of the Arensberg Collection covered a longer span of years. 
In their early married life Mr. and Mrs. Arensberg lived in New York and, 
both being keenly interested in art, found themselves in the forefront of all 
the avant-garde movements. The Armory Show in 1913 gave added impetus 
to their collecting and their proximity to the modern movement in the im- 
mediate years that followed had much to do with their emphasis on acquir- 
ing works of that decade. Their many Cubist paintings by Picasso, Juan Gris 
and Braque attest to this fact. Then too, their early admiration for Marcel 
Duehamp proved not only the beginning of a lifelong friendship but also 
gave them the opportunity to acquire the main body of his most important 
work. Among these were not only the famous Nude Descending A Staircase 
but also the Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even, better known as 
the Large Glass, which Duehamp himself considers his most important crea- 
tion. When the Arensbergs decided to leave New York and live in California 
they feared the Large Glass was too fragile to move so far and gave it to their 
friend Katherine Dreier, another pioneer collector. Their fears proved right 
for even in this short move the glass suffered seriously, developing long star- 
like cracks. Duehamp, however, turned this near disaster into a happy acci- 
dent by declaring that the cracks added greatly to his original composition. 
On her death, Miss Dreier willed the Large Glass to Philadelphia where it 
rightly returned again to form part of the Arensberg Collection. 

The years in Bollywood were ones of more and more acquisitions as well as 
years of intense study. For Walter Arensberg had a second great interest in 
his efforts to discover the identity of the true Shakespeare, a lifelong oc- 
cupation in itself and one which resulted in many articles explaining his 
very personal theories. The Arensberg house became the centre of the intel- 
ligentsia, especially in the War years when many Europeans came to live 
in Bollywood. Their hospitality was boundless and everyone interested in 
contemporary art was given a royal welcome. It was during this period that 

the Arcnsbergs fell under the spell of Pre-Columbian sculpture and bought 
many important pieces which they delighted in mingling with their School 
of Paris paintings. A jade mask from Teotihuacdn or an Aztec feathered 
serpent would find itself between a Picasso and a Klee, while in the garden 
at night a visitor might look down on the lights of Hollywood over a large 
stone conch from Vera Crux. 

When the Arensbergs decided to look about for a museum capable of con- 
taining the many elements of their collection they at first hoped it would 
remain on the West Coast. Since this proved impossible to realise they con- 
sidered several cities, ending with Philadelphia. Here the collection found 
its permanent home (1950-1952) next to the Gallatin Collection. The Phila- 
delphia Museum of Art was originally called after the state, the Pennsyl- 
vania Museum of Art. By happy chance Walter Arensberg had been born 
in Pittsburgh and so, like Gallatin, in finally choosing Philadelphia, he also 
proved himself a loyal son of his native state. In this happy outcome Fiske 
Kimball and his wife Marie played a major role. 

While New York is undoubtedly seeing the "cream" of the paintings it mast 
be remembered that there still remains the large body of sculpture from 
both collections which would have been complicated to displace. This in- 
cludes the greatest single group of Brancusi's work on view anywhere in the 
world, the entire collection of Pre-Columbian sculpture and of necessity 
Duchamp's Large Glass. It is therefore hoped that this New York showing 
will prove the aperitif which will urge visitors to come to Philadelphia 
where they will enjoy a full view of the two collections in their complete form 
installed in adjacent galleries and together creating a "Museum within a 

Uenry Clifford, Curator of Paintings, Philadelphia Museum of Art 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Library and Archives 

The President and Board of Trustees of The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation 
express their gratitude to the Philadelphia Museum of Art for the generous loans 
from the Arensberg and Gallatin Collections. Particular thanks are due to 
Mr. R. Sturgis Ingersoll, President of the Philadelphia Museum, Mrs. John 
Wintersteen, Chairman of the Board of Governors, Mr. Henri Marceau, Director 
and Mr. Carl Zigrosser, Vice Director. 

Mr. Henry Clifford, Curator of Paintings, Mr. Henry G. Gardiner, Assistant 
Curator of Paintings, Miss Gertrude Toomey, Registrar and Mrs. Lysbeth Boyd 
Borie, Membership and Publicity, of the Philadelphia Museum have assisted 
materially in the arrangements of all details of the exhibition. 

Harry F. Guggenheim, President 



Born in Argenteuil, France. 1893-99 Le Havre; to Paris, 1900. 
Studied at Academie Humbert, 1902-04. 1906 exhibited with 
Fauves at Salon des Independants. From. 1907 close association 
with Picasso. 1908 first one-man show, Galerie Kahnweiler, Paris. 
Participated in Pittsburgh International, 1937, 1939, 1958; 
Venice Biennale, 1948, 1950, 1954, 1958, 1960. Now lives in Paris. 

STILL LIFE. Circa 1917-18. Pasted newspaper, paper, gouache, oil and charcoal on canvas, 51 % x 29" 

THE TABLE. 1918. Oil on canvas, 51Vi x 29". (On reverse of ST ILL LIFE.) 

VIOLIN AND PIPE (with the word POLKA). 1920-21. Oil and sand on canvas, 17x36Vi". 

PAUL CEZAXXE 1839-1906 

Born in Aix-en-Provence. 1856 studied at Aix School of Drawing. 
1859 studied law in accordance ivith father's wishes. Attended 
Academie Suisse in Paris to study painting; associated with 
Impressionists. 1874 participated in first Impressionist exhibition. 
1895 first one-man show at Ambroise Vollard's. 1904 featured at 
Salon d'Automne. Died in Aix-en-Provence. 

LANDSCAPE WITH TREES. 1890-94. Watercolor, IIV2 x 18". 

VIEW OF THE CATHEDRAL OF AIX. 1904-06. Watercolor and pencil, 12 x I8V2" 


Born in Vitebsk, Russia. 1907-10 studied painting in St. Petersburg. 
1910-14 Paris; exhibited at the Salon des Independants. Returned 
to Russia in 1914 where he became Minister of Arts for Vitebsk 
after the Revolution. 1922, Berlin; 1923 settled in Paris. 1941-47 in 
the United States. Returned to Paris in 1947; since 1950 has lived 
in Vence, near Nice. 

HALF -PAST THREE. 1911. Oiloncanvas,77Vzx57Vi". 


Born in Volo, Greece, of Italian parents. Ca. 1900-06 studied at 
Polytechnic Institute, Athens. 1906 to Munich; 1909 to Italy. 1911-15 
lived in Paris; exhibited at Salon des Independants. 1915 to Italy; 
met Carlo Carrd. 1919 joined Valori Plastici group. To France 
1924; collaborated with Breton and the surrealists. Abandoned 
"metaphysical" style, 1933. Lives in Rome. 

THE SOOTHSAYER'S RECOMPENSE. 1913. Oil on canvas, 53% x 71" 


Born in Figueras, Spain. 1921-24 studied at School of Fine Arts, 
Madrid. 1929 to Paris; associated with surrealists ; exhibited at 
Galerie Goemans. Collaborated with Luis Buhuel on films: Un Chien 
Andalou, 1929, L'Age d'Or, 1931. First New York exhibition 1933, 
Julien Levy Gallery. 1940 to California. Now lives in New York. 



Born in Paris. Apprenticed to scene designer. 1904 met Metzinger. 
1911 exhibited with cubists in Salle 41, Salon des Independants. 
Met Apollinaire and Gleizes. Included in first Blaue Reiter 
exhibition, Munich, 1911. 1913 to Berlin ivith Apollinaire for 
one-man shoiv at Der Sturm. 1914-20 Spain and Portugal. 1921 
returned to Paris. Died at Montpellier. 

SAINT-SEVERIN. Circa 1909. Oil on canvas, 38Ys x 27 3 A". 

EIFFEL TOWER. Circa 1909. Oil on canvas, 38% x27%". (On reverse of SAINT-SEVERIN.) 

AXDRMi DERASN 1880-1954 

Born in Chatou, France. From 1898-99 friendship with Matisse, 
Vlaminck; worked with Vlaminck at Chatou. 1905 exhibited with. 
Fauves at Salon d'Automna; visited London. 1907 contract with 
dealer Kahnweiler. Executed ballet and theater decor. First prize 
Pittsburgh International, 1928. Died at Garches, France. 

WOMAN. Circa 1914. Oil on canvas, 24Yi x 18Vz" . 

MARCEL MCn AMP 1887 — 

Born in Blainville, France. Studied at Academie Julian, Paris, 1904. 
Joined cubists, 1911. Exhibited with Section d'Or, 1912; in Armory 
Show, New York, 1913. To New York, 1915. Founding member of the 
Society of Independent Artists, Inc., 1916. With Katherine S. Dreier, 
organized Societe Anonyme, New York, 1920. Associated with Dada 
and surrealist groups, Paris. Lives in New York. 

THE ARTIST'S FATHER. 1910. Oil on canvas, 36Vi x28 1 k". 

THE SONATA. 1911. Oil on canvas, 57 x 44W . 

YVONNE AND MAGDELEINE TORN IN TATTERS. 1911. Oil on canvas, 23% x 28 3 A". 

PORTRAIT. 1911. Oil on canvas, 57Yix 44%". 

PORTRAIT OF CHESS PLAYERS. 1911. Oil on canvas, 39% x 39%" . 

STUDY FOR "NUDE DESCENDING A STAIRCASE." November 1911. Pencil, 9% x 6W. 

NUDE DESCENDING A STAIRCASE, NO. 1. 1911. Oil on board, 37% x 23%". 

NUDE DESCENDING A STAIRCASE, NO. 2. 1912. Oil on canvas, 58 x 35". 

NUDE DESCENDING A STAIRCASE, NO. 3. 1916. Watercolor, ink, crayon and pastel over photographic base, 58 x 35Yz" 

THE KING AND QUEEN SURROUNDED BY SWIFT NUDES. 1912. Oil on canvas, 45V* x 50%". 

CHOCOLATE GRINDER, NO. 2. 1914. Oil, thread and paper collage on canvas, 25% x21%". 

MAX EttXST 1891 ■ 

Born in Briihl, near Cologne. Self-taught as an artist. 1913 first trip 
to Paris. Contributed to many Dada and surrealist publications. 
Has also illustrated books and designed stage sets. Collaborated on 
Hans Richter's film, Dreams That Money Can Buy, 1945. 1954, first 
prize, Venice Biennale; 1959, exhibition at Musee National d'Art 
Moderne, Paris. 

THE FOREST. 1923. Oil on canvas, 28% x 19%" . 


Born in New York City. Trained as a musician ; after 1887 chose 
painting as career. Studied art in Hamburg, Berlin and Paris, 
1887-93. Berlin 1894-1906. Paris 1906-08. Met cubists in Paris, 1911. 
1913 exhibited with Der Blaue Reiter, Munich. 1919-33 taught at the 
Bauhaus, Weimar and Dessau. 1937 returned to United States. 
Died in New York City. 

UMPFERSTEDT II. 1914. Oil on canvas, 39Vz x 3lVz". 


Born in Paris. Exhibited at Salon des lndependants, Salle 41, 1911. 
Participated in Section d'Or, 1912. Co-author with Metzinger of 
first book on cubist theory, Du Cubisme, 1912. Exhibited in Armory- 
Show, New York, 1913. Lived in New York, 1915-19. Retired to 
Saint-Remy-de-Provence in 1939 where he lived until his death. 

MAN ON BALCONY. (Portrait of Dr. Morinaud.) 1912. Oil on canvas, 77 x 45V*". 

Jl'AX GRIS 1887-1927 

Born in Madrid. 1902 studied at the School of Arts and Industry, 
Madrid. 1906 to Paris. First exhibited 1912 at Salon des 
Independants and with cubists at the Section d'Or. 1922-23 
executed stage sets and costumes for Diaghilev. Died in Paris. 

THE MAN IN THE CAFE. 1912. Oil on canvas, 50V> x 34%". 

THE OPEN WINDOW. March 1917. Mixed media and wax on wood, 39Vz x 29Va" 

THE CHESSBOARD. June 1917. Oil on wood, 28Vb x 39%". 


Born in Moscow. 1896 to Munich. With Franz Marc founded 
Der Blaue Reiter group, Munich, 1911. 1919 returned to Moscow; 
director, Museum of Pictorial Culture; taught at Academy of Fine 
Arts. 1922-32 professor at the Bauhaus, Weimar and Dessau. 
Lived in Paris from 1933 until his death. 

IMPROVISATION, NO. 29. 1914. Oil on canvas, 31 x 39Vz". 

PAVL KXEE 1879-1940 

Born in Bern. 1898 studied in Munich; associated with Der Blaue 
Reiter, 1911. 1912 Paris. 1914 Kairuan, Tunisia. 1920-30 professor at 
the Bauhaus in Weimar and Dessau. 1931 professor at Diisseldorf 
Academy of Art. Returned to Bern, 1933; died at Locarno-Muralto. 

GOLDFISH WIFE. 1921. Watercolor, 14 x 20W. 

FISH MAGIC. 1925. Mixed media on cloth mounted on board, 30Vz x 38%" 
GLANCE OF A LANDSCAPE. 1926. Gouache, 11% x 18Y&". 
CONJURING TRICK. 1927. Mixed media on canvas, 19Vi x 16Vi". 
BUT THE RED ROOF. Circa 1930. Tempera on burlap, 25% x 35%". 

Braque: VIOLIN AM) PIPE. 1920-21. Arensberg Collection. 

Chagall: HALF-PAST THREE. 1911. Arensberg Collection. 

de Chirico: THE SOOTHSAYER'S RECOMPENSE. 1913. irensberg Collection. 

Duchamp: NUDE DESCE1\ DM G A STAIRCASE, NO. 2. 1912. Arensberg Collection. 

Oris: THE MAN IN THE CAFE. 1912. Arensberg Collection. 

Klee: GOLDFISH WIFE. 1921. Arensberg Collection. 

Leger: THE CITY. 1919. Gallatin Collection. 

Matisse: MLLE. YVONNE LANDSBERG. 1914. Arensberg Collection. 

Miro: DOG BARKING AT THE MOON. 1926. Gallatin Collection. 

» * d 


Picasso: SELF-PORTRAIT. 1906. Gallatin Collect;,,,,. THE THREE MUSICIANS. 1921. Gallatin Collection. 

Rousseau: MERRY JESTERS. Circa 1906. Arensberg Collection. 

FRANK KVPKA 1871-1957 

Born in Opocno, Czechoslovakia. Studied in Prague and Vienna. 
1895 to Paris; friendship ivith Jacques Villon. Exhibited in 
Salon d'Automne, 1910. Participated in Section d'Or and Orphist 
movement. Joined Abstraction-Creation group, 1931. Important 
retrospective exhibition, Musee National a" Art Moderne, Paris, 1958. 
Died in Puteaux. 

DISKS OF NEWTON. STUDY FOR "FUGUE IN TWO COLORS." 1912. Oil on canvas, 39V 2 x 29" 

FERXAND LEGER 1881-1955 

Born in Argentan, Normandy. 1900 to Paris ; worked as an 
architectural draughtsman. Began painting, 1901. Associated with 
cubists, 1910-14. Stage designs for Swedish Ballet, 1921-23; 
1924 film "Ballet Mecanique." Visits to the United States in 1931, 
1938, 1941-45. 1949 mosaic for church faqade at Assy; 1951 window 
for church at Audincourt. Died in Gif-sur-Yvette. 

CONTRAST OF FORMS. 1913. Oil on burlap, 51% x 38%". 
TYPOGRAPHER. 1919. Oil on canvas, 51Vs x 38V*" . 


Born in Lessines, Belgium. 1916-18 studied at Academie des 
Beaux-Arts, Brussels. Associated first with cubists, later with 
surrealists. 1927-30 Paris. 1938 included in International Surrealist 
Exhibition, Paris. Exhibited at Sao Paulo Bienal, 1951 ; Venice 
Biennale, 1954; Guggenheim International Award, 1956; 
Charleroi, Belgium, 1956; II. Documenta, Kassel, 1959. 

THE SIX ELEMENTS. Circa 1928. Oil on canvas, 28Vs x39Vi". 


Born in Warsaw. Studied at Warsaw Academy, 1901. To Paris, 1903. 
Studied in studio of J. Lefebvre. Friendship with Roger de 
La Fresnaye. Exhibited at Salon des Independants, Salon 
d'Automne. 1910 became affiliated with cubists. Joined Section d'Or, 
1912. 1933 visited United States. Died in Cusset, France. 

PORTRAIT OF GUILLAUME AP0LL1NAIRE. Circa 1919. Drypoint, 19Vt x 10 3 A" 

HEX HS MATISSE 1869-1954 

Born in Le Cateau, France. 1891 studied in Paris with Bouguereau 
and Moreau. Exhibited at Salon des Independants from 1901, at 
Salon d'Automne from 1903. One-man show, Vollard's, 1904. A leader 
of the Fauves. 1908 exhibited in New York, Moscow and Berlin. 
1910 to Spain; 1911 to Moscow; 1911-13 trips to Morocco. 
Designed Vence chapel, completed 1951. Died in Nice. 

MLLE. YVONNE LANDSBERG. 1914. Oil on canvas, 57%, x 38%" . 

JEAN METZ1XGER 1883-1956 

Born in Nantes. 1903 to Paris. Member of the Fauves and later the 
cubists. From 1906 exhibited at Salon d'Automne. Work shown 
Salle 41, Salon des Independants, 1911. 1912 published Du Cubisme 
with Albert Gleizes. One of the organizers of the Section d'Or. 
Included in New York Armory Show, 1913. From 1923 exhibited 
with the Societe Anonyme in the United States. 

THE BATHERS. 1913. Oil on canvas, 58Vi x 41%". 

JOAX MlltO 1893- 

Born in Barcelona. 1919 to Paris. 1922 exhibited in the international 
Dada exhibition, Paris; 1925 in first surrealist group exhibition, 
Paris. 1925 decor for Diaghilev ballet. Murals: 1937 Paris Exposition; 
Terrace Plaza Hotel, Cincinnati, 1947 ; Graduate Center, Harvard 
University, Cambridge, Mass., 1950-51. Guggenheim International 
Award, 1958. Lives in Palma, Majorca. 

THE HERMITAGE. 1924. Oil and charcoal en canvas, 45 x57Vz". 

MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD. February 1931. Oil on canvas, 35 x 45%". 

THE LOVERS. October 1934. Pastel and pencil, 41% x 27%". 

WOMAN. October 1934. Pastel and pencil, 41 3 kx 27%". 

PERSON IN THE PRESENCE OF NA TURE. 1935. Oil and gouache on wood, 29% x41W 


Born in Leghorn, Italy. Came to Paris 1906; met Picasso, Max Jacob, 
Apollinaire and others. 1908 first exhibited at Salon des 
Independants. 1909, encouraged by Brancusi, took up sculpture. 
1915 returned exclusively to painting. 1917 first one-man exhibition 
at Berthe Weill Gallery, Paris. 1918 to south of France. Died in Paris. 

CARY4TID. Circa 1912-14. Blue crayon, 24% x 18Vi" . 

PIET MONBR1AN 1872-1944 

Born in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. Studied at Academy of 
Fine Arts, Amsterdam. 1910 to Paris. 1914 exhibited at Salon des 
Independants. 1914-19 The Netherlands. 1917 founded with 
van Doesburg and others the periodical De Stijl. Published 
Le Neo-Plasticisme, 1920, Paris. 1938-40 London. 1940 to 
United States. Died in New York. 

COMPOSITION IN GRAY. 1919. Oil on canvas, 23% x 23Vz" . (Diagonal.) 
COMPOSITION. 1936. Oil on canvas, 28 3 A x 26". 

FRAXC1S PtCABIA 1879-1953 

Born in Paris of Spanish parentage. Studied at Ecole des Beaux-Arts. 
Associated with cubists; member of Section d'Or. 1915 to New York; 
met Marcel Duchamp. 1916-24 published review 391 in Barcelona, 
New York, Zurich and Paris. Active in Dada groups in Switzerland 
and France. Associated with surrealists until 1926. 1940-45 in 
southern France. Died in Paris. 

DANCES AT THE SPRING. 1912. Oil on canvas, 47Yz x 47%" 
CATCH AS CATCH CAN. 1913. Oil on canvas, 39% x 32Vi". 


Born in Malaga, Spain. To Barcelona, 1895. 1900-01 trips to Madrid 
and Paris. 1904 settled in Paris. 1907 met Braque with whom he 
developed cubism. 1917-21 stage sets and costumes for Diaghilev 
ballet. 1937 "Guernica." 1939-40 Royan, near Bordeaux. Since 1946 
has lived in the south of France. Retrospectives: Paris, 1955; 
New York, 1959; London, 1960. 

OLD WOMAN. 1901. Oil on board, 25% x 19%". 
SEATED NUDE WOMAN. 1908. Oil on canvas, 45 3 A x 35". 
FEMALE NUDE. 1910-11. Oil on canvas, 38% x 30Vz". 
MAN WITH VIOLIN. 1910. Oil on canvas, 39% x 287s". 
MAN WITH GUITAR. 1912. Oil on canvas, 5V/s x 35". 


Born in Limoges; family moved to Paris in 1845. Studied with 
Gleyre at Ecole des Beaux-Arts, 1862. Finally accepted in Salon 
in 1867, after two rejections. Met Manet in 1867. 1874, took part in 
first Impressionist exhibition; 1880 broke away from the group. 
1904, retrospective at Salon d'Automne. Died at Cagnes. 

THE BATHER. Circa 1917-18. Oil on canvas, 20te x 12". 


Born in Paris. Studied stained glass making. Studied at Ecole des 
Beaux-Arts, Paris; with Moreau starting in 1892. 1901 met 
Huysmans. 1902-12 exhibited annually at Salon des Independents. 
A founder of Salon d'Automne, 1903, where he exhibited regularly 
until 1908. 1904 met Leon Bloy. First one-man exhibition Galerie 
Druet, 1910. Active in printmaking ; designed decor for Diaghilev 
ballet, 1929; windows for church at Assy, 1945. Died in Paris. 

POLICHINELLE. 1930? (Possibly begun before 1920.) Oil on paper mounted on canvas, 28% x 20%" 

UEMU ROISSEAU 1844-1910 

Born in Laval (Mayenne), France. Employed as a lawyer's clerk. 
After serving in the Franco-Prussian War, became an inspector in a 
toll station on the outskirts of Paris. Retired on a pension in 1885 
to become a professional painter. 1886 began to exhibit at the Salon 
des Independants. From 1890 knew Gauguin, Redon and Seurat. 
1906 met Delaunay, Picasso and the cubist group. Died in Paris. 

MERRY JESTERS. Circa 1906. Oil on canvas, 57M- x 44%". 

PIERRE ROY 1880-1950 

Born in Nantes. To Paris 1904; studied at Ecole des Beaux-Arts, 
Academie Julian and Ecole des Arts Decoratifs. 1910 associated 
with Fauves. 1920 associated with surrealists and exhibited with 
them at Galerie Loeb, 1925, Galerie Surrealiste, 1931. 1930 was a 
jury member for Pittsburgh International. 1939 visited Hawaii. 
Died in Milan. 

METRIC SYSTEM. Circa 1933. Oil on canvas, 57% x 39". 

YVES TANGUY 1900-1955 

Born in Paris. Spent two years at sea ; served in army; returned 
to Paris, 1922. 1923 decided to paint seriously ajter seeing a 
picture by de Chirico. 1925 joined surrealists. Early works published 
in La Revolution Surrealiste. 1939 to United States; American citizen 
1948. Died in Woodbury, Conn. Retrospective at The Museum of 
Modern Art, 1955. 

THE STORM. 1926. Oil on canvas, 32Vt x 25%' 


Born in Damville (Eure), France. Painter, engraver, etcher. Eldest 
brother of artists Marcel Duchamp, Suzanne Duchamp, Raymond 
Duchamp-Villon. 1894 to Paris. Associated with the cubists. 1932-33 
member of Abstraction-Creation group. 1936 visited the United 
States. 1940 in southern France. Participated in: Venice Biennale, 
1950, 1956 (first prize for painting), 1960; Pittsburgh International, 
1950 (first prize). Lives in Puteaux. 

ABSTRACTION. 1932. Oil on canvas, 21% x 26". 
YOUNG GIRL. 1912. Oil on canvas, 57% x45W. 


JEAX ARP 1837- 

Born in Strassburg. 1904 to Paris. 1906-09 studied painting in 
Weimar. To Switzerland, 1909. 1912 to Munich; associated with 
Kandinsky and Der Blaue Reiter. One of founders of Dada, Zurich, 
1916. 1920 member Cologne Dada Group. Joined surrealist group, 
Paris, 1925. Trips to United States, 1949, 1950. Executed relief for 
UNESCO Building, Paris, 1957. Lives in Meudon-Val-Fleury. 

CONFIGURATION. 1930. Oil on wood, 27 x k x 33%". 


THE WINDOWS. 1912. Oil on canvas, UVix 35%" 


Born in Utrecht. 1908 first exhibition, The Hague. 1917 founded 
with Mondrian and others the periodical De Stijl. 1919-20 
architectural projects with De Stijl group. 1926 published 
Manifesto of Elementarism. 1929-30 Paris. Helped found 
Abstraction-Creation group, 1931. Died in Davos, Switzerland. 

COMPOSITION. 1929. Oil on canvas, llVs x ll z k". (Diagonal.) 

Biographies appear with the first entry. 

A. E. GALLATIN 1881-1952 

Born in Villanova, Pennsylvania. Studied at New York Law School, 
then began career as painter, author and collector of modern art. 
Exhibited in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Paris. 
Founded with his collection in 1927 the New York University 
Museum of Living Art; in 1943 the collection was transferred to 
Philadelphia Museum of Art. Died in New York City. 

COMPOSITION. January 1942. Oil on canvas, 59% x 25". 

JUAN GUIS 1887-1927 

MAN AT CAFE. 1911. Pencil, l9Vi x 11". 

THE VIOLIN. July 1913. Oil on canvas, 36Vi x 23%". 

STILL LIFE. 1914. Colored papers, printed matter and charcoal on paper mounted on canvas, 23Vz x 17 W 

EEBNANB LEGEB 1881-1955 

THE CITY. 1919. Oil on canvas, 90% x 117". 
COMPOSITION. 1923 and 1927. Oil on canvas, 51Vz x 38Yi" 

JOAN M1RO 1893- 

DOG BARKING AT THE MOON. 1926. Oil on canvas, 28% x36W 
PAINTING. March 8, 1933. Oil on canvas, 51 Vs x 64V*". 

PIET MONDRIAX 1872-1944 

COMPOSITION WITH RED. Paris, 1936. Oil on canvas, 20Vs x 19 3 A". 


SELF-PORTRAIT. 1906. Oil on canvas, 35% x 28". 

STUDY FOR "LES DEMOISELLES D' AVIGNON." 1907. Watercolor, 6% x 8 3 A" 

THE THREE MUSICIANS. 1921. Oil on canvas, 80Yi x 74Vz". 

THE MANDOLIN. 1923. Oil on canvas, 3PA x 39%". 



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John J. feeling 

5000 copies of this checklist, designed by Herbert Matter, 

have been printed by Sterlip Press, Inc., New York, 

in February 1961 

for the Trustees of The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation on the occasion of the exhibition, 

"Paintings from the Arensberg and Gallatin Collections of the Philadelphia Museum of Art" 

at The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York City.